SEM Applications Success Stories

SEM Applications Success Stories

Our clients do amazing things every single day. Here is what they have to say about why they chose EMS and how our guardianship software is helping them achieve their mission.

Jackson County

The Jackson County, Missouri Public Administrator’s Office (PAO) serves clients that may have medical or psychiatric needs, be mentally ill, cognitively or developmentally disabled or be frail and elderly. Depending on the particular court appointment, the Public Administrator’s office provides guardianship services to those persons it is appointed to and provides for the ward’s care, treatment, habilitation, education, support and maintenance. The Public Administrator is currently appointed to almost 1,200 estates and serves approximately 950 incapacitated or disabled persons.

In 2018 the PAO selected SEM Application’s Estate Management System (EMS) to provide accounting, notation, check writing, digital account reconciliation services as well as accounting and billing reports.

Onboarding and Ongoing Training and Support

Two of the biggest considerations in the decision to move to a new case management and accounting system are the migration of data from the legacy system and the initial implementation of the chosen system. As John Killian, Jackson County Public Administrator confirmed, SEM Applications has a proven track record for successful implementation and ongoing support. 

“In preparation for our use of EMS, SEM Applications provided a full conversion of our existing database. The conversion process went remarkably well, and the SEM team was able to work through the challenges posed by our prior database management system. SEM provided extensive training to a core group of staff who then trained the remaining PAO staff. Additionally, SEM provides routine training open to all of its customers and we have encouraged staff to view and participate in those training sessions as well. In terms of customer services, SEM has gone well beyond what I typically expect, and more than its contract requires. Their team understands both this office’s needs and how to maximize its product’s effectiveness for us.

Unexpected Challenges and Future Growth

In an industry that is always changing, the ability to adapt and meet new challenges is essential. Killian explains that SEM Applications does just that. “Challenges always arise, and SEM’s responsiveness and personal approach to our challenges give me great confidence we will meet those challenges. Additionally, I have noticed a continuous effort by SEM to develop new reports and software enhancements to accommodate the evolving needs of its clients. In just the few years we have worked with SEM, the ability to access our database and present its information has become more flexible and productive.”

If your organization is considering a move to a new guardianship and fiduciary management system but is concerned about the process of transition, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with an SEM Implementation Specialist.


The Superior Court of New Jersey can appoint the Public Guardian for Elderly Adults of New Jersey (OPG) as the guardian of New Jersey residents that meet specific qualifications. Administratively located in the Division of Aging Services within the Department of Human Services, OPG acts as surrogate decision-maker for residents 60 years of age and over who have been deemed incapacitated by the Superior Court of New Jersey. At present, the OPG serves more than 4,500 vulnerable residents statewide.

Efficiency and Improved Communication in a Virtual Environment

In 2018 SEM Applications was chosen, via a competitive RFP process, as the vendor of choice to replace the previous database for the New Jersey OPG. A successful implementation including data migration and comprehensive, on-site staff training had the OPG up and running from a centralized administrative office. Then, in 2020, like so many others, OPG learned with very short notice that they would be moving to a remote work environment for an undetermined period of time due to the pandemic. 

Helen Dodick, Esquire, Acting Public Guardian for Elderly Adults of New Jersey, explains the role that SEM Applications played in the transition to a virtual office. “EMS was critical to OPG being able to continue to provide services to the protected people assigned by the courts, including the ability to pay bills, make informed medical decisions and keep interested parties related to the protected people informed of their wellbeing.” She goes on to say, “Given the response of the SEM team during the pandemic and the ability of the EMS application to function flawlessly in a rapidly changing situation, we would highly recommend SEM Applications to others in our field.” 

Dodick’s praise highlights a core value for SEM Applications to view challenges as opportunities and meet problems with solutions so that we continuously adapt to the changing needs of our customers. If you are interested in improving your efficiency in an ever-changing environment, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with an SEM Applications expert.


“Tresco has worked with SEM Applications since November of 2019. As a small fiduciary company that handles trusts, estates and conservatorships, we use EMS to track our client’s assets such as cash, investment accounts, real estate and personal property. We have found that not only is the system great to work with, but so are the staff and SEM. They have always been quick to respond to my questions. I continue to reach out to the staff for ongoing training in EMS as well as having personalized customization done to the program to suit our company’s needs. The system is affordable and very user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone in our field.”


Operations Manager, Tresco of Idaho

“As a user of EMS, I must say that without this program, my office would likely require two additional full-time staff members, at minimum. I am confident that my office staff (five including myself) v. caseload (420ish) is very conservative compared to other counties with roughly the same caseload. This program saves us so much time, and in turn money.  

“I just went through my first Social Security audit in October and passed with NO findings! I believe that this is due in part to the EMS software. The program allows me to create any report necessary for audits, including probate required reports, and if I can’t find the one I need, help is a phone call away.”


Former Buchanan County Public Administrator