EMS Product Overview

EMS Product Overview

SEM Applications, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for integrated case management, client relationship management and financial management tools. With SEM Applications, you are equipped to manage the case in a way that administers trust and protects the estate while you pay bills, coordinate care, schedule responsibilities, track billing, organize documents, and generate reports in one multifunctional system. We have been an industry leader in guardianship and fiduciary information software since 1997. We will continue to deliver value to our customers by collaborating to create agile solutions for the complex challenges across the guardianship industry. 

With our SaaS (cloud-based) services, guardians and conservators have no hardware or software to purchase or maintain, just the flexibility to work when and where they choose, with only an Internet connection required. SaaS services leverage a shared, common infrastructure and code base that is strictly maintained to provide a guardian reporting solution that is both agile and reliable. The result is an out-of-the-box application that fits like custom software without spending thousands upfront. A monthly subscription is all you need.

Why Choose SEM Applications, Inc.?

  • A proven track record of success in data migration, software implementation, training, technical support and development. 
  • A multifunctional, integrated web-based application that offers high-priority features and functionality in a user‐friendly application that meets the requirements of most offices right out of the box, combined with an array of customization options to give each office the flexibility to tailor EMS to its specific needs. 
  • A cost-effective, mobile-friendly application with no hardware to maintain, no licensing expense and customized training and implementation packages for every budget.

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“Integrating all the features you need into a single software application means you spend less time in data entry and reporting; less frustration in training, system customization, and daily use; less worry about security and backups; and less money overall!”

EMS Software Is Proven, Customizable and Cost-Effective!

The EMS application is a perfect solution for public and private offices large and small, providing an integrated, industry-specific solution for public and private organizations, not-for-profits and county and state offices. EMS provides: 

  • Real-time data access in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Site uptime monitoring for guaranteed reliability
  • A centralized, relational database for decreased data entry and increased communication
  • Role-based permissions and/or individual user rights and access controls 
  • An integrated calendaring system and task management tools
  • Robust time management and reporting tools
  • User-defined customization options for individual and office configuration
  • Financial features, including individual and/or batch check printing and individual and/or shared account management
  • Case management tools, including customizable workflow checklists; and dated, categorized, and searchable case notes; and case filtering options for caseload management and reporting
  • Exceptional customer service, online training and 24/7 technical support

Additional Enhanced Features Designed for Multi-User Organizations

The unique needs of larger offices — those with multiple locations, separate departments with independent responsibilities, and a staff of three to 200-plus — will  benefit from our EMS enhanced features. Designed to provide a greater level of accountability and oversight for staff and administrators, our enhanced features include:

  • Customizable assessment styles 
  • Stages and classification
  • Customer defined additional fields
  • Expense bulk entry, expense template, and fee schedule defaults  
  • Second session login, open heartbeat, and more

Combined with our integrated case management and financial management features, powerful EMS system security features (user rights, access, audit logs, system protections and warnings, etc.) and robust reporting tools, EMS is a surprisingly cost-effective and comprehensive solution for local and state government offices as well as large private guardian and fiduciary offices.  

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Track Personal Information

  • Manage your clients’ personal/demographic data
    (Address and residence history, friends and relatives, insurance information, contacts/referrals, legal data, guardian status, electronic files and more)
  • Save important numbers
    (Case number, SSN, tax ID, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, etc.)
  • Track important dates
    (Such as birthdate, date of letters, death date, court hearings and benefit eligibility)
  • Track medical information
    (Medications, medical history, Medicare/Medicaid numbers, EOBs and more)
  • Create a to-do list of conservatorship tasks, assign or search client and staff activities and design custom checklists for project management and procedural consistency
  • Store and search categorized and dated case notes with expense details for billing and/or time management
  • Run billing reports by date or category with or without detailed notes using custom headers, filters and options to design the perfect report
  • Upload electronic files for organized and accessible document storage by client
  • Build a master list of contacts for relationship management across the system

Manage Financial Data

  • Maintain financial information, including all bank accounts and transactions for multiple individual and/or shared accounts
  • Check writing: print individual and/or batch checks, with many check styles to choose from
  • Create automatic and memorized receipt and disbursement transactions to automate recurring entries
  • Track time and expenses, select invoice styles and keep a record of accounts receivable
  • Create budgets for accurate money management
  • Record a complete asset inventory and show value adjustments and distributions over time

Advanced Features and Reports

  • Import data from Quicken/QB or export T&E, financial, or calendar data to Excel
  • Create and send Positive Pay files to the bank or receive and import ACH files
  • Choose from an array of predesigned reports, or create ad-hoc reports and custom headers using the Custom Query Report and the Custom Rich Text Report Designer
    (Annual Accounting, Auditing, Expenses, and Inventory; Account Balances and more!)
  • Create court reports quickly and easily
  • Security features include: User rights, balance warnings, overdraft notification and more